5 ridiculously simple marketing tips (for n00bs)

5 ridiculously simple marketing tips (for n00bs)


To be honest many artists are CRAP at marketing themselves so here’s some beginners’ tips & advice on how to market yourself in this competitive business called music, but this is advice you can find useful even if you’re not in the music biz. This is general advice and if you already know these thing this post is not for you but honestly I have come across so many artists who don’t even have a proper Facebook fan page so even though these things might seem like “Doh! I already know this” I can assure you that many people don’t.

1) Have a website
If you don’t know HTML or CSS, then try a simple service drag n drop service that doesn’t require any HTML skills, maybe something like Weebly.

2) Do realize that Twitter and Facebook are important channels for your branding and marketing.
Whether or not to pay for sponsored ads on Facebook is up to you, some people say you shouldn’t, some people say you should. Decide for yourself.

3) Speak your mind and a little more
Since when does being boring attract attention? Since never. So don’t be boring. Be a little provocative, don’t be afraid of haters. (Read further in no. 4). Start a blog, create opinions but don’t be a douchebag or attention wh*re, if you know what I mean. What I mean is, don’t be afraid to make bold statements, that will attract more people to your blog which is always good.

4) Don’t be afraid of haters
When you reach a certain level of “fame” or attention you will attract both haters and lovers. I’m guessing that David Guetta probably has about as many haters as he’s got fans.

5) General advice, but if you’re a singer for example who sings in your own language then ignore this post: If you have a Facebook page (and you should), write in ENGLISH
I’m sure most artists with a few exceptions (very very local acts for example) want to reach out as many people as possible. So if you do – why write your post in Swashdlakshdlaish or some other local language? Write in English and reach out to more.


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