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How and why I became a DJ

Got the question how and why I became a DJ and a producer, and where I got my i inspiration. I thought I’d write a longer blog post about, because I can’t explain it with just 140 Twitter charachters.

Music is deep in my soul, it’s who I am and music has always been part of my life, just like art and writing. I am a very artistic person, my biological mother loves to draw and write and my biological father likes to make/create things.

Trance is a big part of me and who I am, but I will explain more in detail in the next paragraphs.

Learning how to DJ had been on my radar for a long time before I started. I just never got around to actually doing it, but in 2009 I met my current husband and he happened to be a beat maker and had a lot of friends who were also into music making. So getting started got a little more accessible then, and I decided to learn.

As far as making my own music it’s something I’ve wanted probably longer than I’ve wanted to DJ. But I made a conscious decision to wait and start learning how to DJ first, because I wanted time to figure out my genre and my style of music before I started making my own music. And DJing is a great way to figure out what you like and what you don’t music wise.

Everyone has their own way but for me it was good to start with one thing and then focus on the next thing a bit later.

As a DJ I got a couple of gigs but my dream has always been to be able to make my own music and mix a whole 1hr DJ set with only my own tunes. I was never 100% satisfied with being “only” a DJ. I longed for something more.

After one year of DJing I decided it was time to learn how to produce.

I got a license of Ableton Live and started learning the programme. I had such a hard time at first. But one morning I woke up and suddenly understood everything. Like a blessing sort of.

After that morning it only took me a few weeks to grasp the basics and I made my first track later, Stoqhome, which got signed and released in 2013 and which was later aired on Swedish national radio (Elektroniskt i P2). 

It’s taken me a while to figure out which genres I like and what my style is but I have always been a trance fan.

People often seem surprised because they think of me as mostly a Techno DJ. But fact is, I liked Trance way before I even knew what Techno was. I have liked Trance since 2001. I loved Tiësto’s album from 2001, and the Trance from that period has inspired me a lot.

I think you can also hear in my tracks sort of an old school vibe.

So Trance is closer to my heart than Techno. When I started producing, people told me my Trance tunes were really good so I decided to focus on that. I still like Techno, but one of the reasons I’m not currently producing any Techno is that I feel that many Techno tracks sound the same. It’s the same type of beat and I also like melodies, of course there is melodic Techno but if I’m going to make melodic tracks I’d rather make Trance than melodic Techno, because in Trance you can really go crazy with the melodies. Maybe I’ll return to Techno some day soon. Who knows?

I started a new artist name for my Techno productions, Henna Nox, because I don’t want to send mixed signals to the audience. Some people may become confused.

I am a very energetic, restless and driven person so Trance is a genre that suits me well. It comes more natural to me than House which can feel a bit slow to me sometimes. 😉

I have played the piano when I was younger so creating melodies is also very natural to me.


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