Too many DJs in Stockholm right now - female trance dj Zoë Song

There is about 100000000 techno DJs currently in Stockholm right now

Too many DJs in Stockholm

Rant warning! Lol. I’m being a bit personal now but this is my blog so I guess I write whatever I want, right? 🙂 Which is also why I decided to focus on Trance. I know I’m a good techno DJ but when there is gazillion techno DJs in a small city like Stockholm it’s sort of not worth it. I love techno but when there is so many Techno DJs, I’m focusing on producing my own music. Many of these girls and guys have not produced a single track on their own. I believe I will only develop if I keep focusing on learning to produce and become a kick ass producer. That is my way forward. Not kissing someone’ ass just to get a gig.

So yeah about techno DJs. I love techno but don’t you think there are way too many?

I’m sorry but many people out there only rely on ass kissing to get gigs. It’s just not my style. I know I can get where I want by working hard.


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