Spring in Stockholm - Trance DJ Zoë Song female

And so at last spring came

Spring, Stockholm, sun and Trance

The weather has been really nice here in Stockholm Sweden the last few days. So nice. I got new headphones from Sennheiser also, they sound great! Took a walk with them today round the neighborhood, listened to some Trance music. I still miss our holidays in Aruba but Swedish spring is pretty nice. Now that I’ve updated the blog and refreshed it with a facelift I’m also going to structure it better and post more photos etc. However, you guys can follow me on Instagram too, just search for my alias @djzoesong. I have snapchat too but I use Insta stories more often since I have more followers on Instagram. So go follow me on there. 😊 
3 things I love about spring:

  1. An excuse to buy more cheeky sunglasses haha
  2. Sneakers!! 
  3. No heavy winter jacket on