Today's plans- blog post - Female Trance DJ Zoë Song

Today’s plans: bank meeting

Morning guys and gals! What are your plans for today? Personally I’m having a pretty chill day. Gonna keep working on some of my Trance tunes. I also have a meeting with my bank today, gonna discuss insurance etc. Exciting! 😅 I’m also hoping I’ll get the vocals this week for my next Trance track from the vocalist I’m working with. The trance vocalist I’m currently collabing with is super talented. She is not a Trance specialized vocalist but extremely talented. You will love her voice. I als have another track coming up with talented American vocalist Sabreena Singh. The track is signed and I will reveal more details about the release as soon as I have them.

Hope you will like the track! I wish I could reveal some more information but you just gotta be patient.


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