Trance DJ Zoë Song - coming to NYC June 2017

Trance DJ Zoë Song coming to NYC in June 2017

Trance explosion coming to NYC! – DJ Zoë Song in da hood

Hey guys! Will be coming to NYC in June 2017, will be there from June 21 to June 29. If you have any suggestions or nice tips on what to do there during that period, please let me know! I’m looking for Trance events, rave parties, anything. As a Trance DJ I’m of course looking for Trance events! I’m really excited, it’s been a while since I went to NYC. I love big cities. I remember when I was a child, I would always tell my parents I wanted to live in a big city when I grow up. And now that I AM grown up, I still like big cities. One of my fav cities is London, but maybe that’s because I u sed to live there. So many cultures and people there. In Sweden, it’s like everyone’s the same. People are very… conformist? I am a non-conformist so sometimes I feel out of place in Sweden. So yeah. Sweden is a nice country, it’s very peaceful but if you like variety and different cultures and a lot of things going on and happening, Stockholm isn’t the place. But Stockholm is really beautiful!

I can definitely recommend visiting Stockholm in the summer time. People are totally changed, they sit outside, they are being relaxed. They smile. And the city is so beautiful with the water and the streets are very clean compared to London for example.

Anyhow. So I’m going to NYC in June! For gig requests, please email