Biography - Zoë Song - Female Trance DJ/Producer


Biography of female Trance DJ Zoë Song

In short

Zoë Song is a Swedish female Trance DJ (Uplifting and Progressive Trance) and producer. She started her DJ career in 2012 and released her first record in 2014. She is a radio host of Beyond Borders at Afterhours.FM, the world’s #1 Trance radio station since 2015. She has been a country finalist in the world’s biggest DJ competition, Burn Residency 2014. She was also selected as one of 10 Top Finalists of Awaken Ibiza DJ Challenge in 2015.

Classical pianist to Trance DJ

She is classically trained on piano since the age of 7, with favorite composers like Bach, Beethoven and Mozart. Taking the leap into electronic music production was therefor a natural step for her. She is self taught and has learned from scratch in her own home studio. She builds her tracks based on instinct and feeling, rather than based on music theory. In only 2 years, she’s had her music signed to legendary record labels like Bonzai. She has also supported some of the world’s biggest Trance names like Mark Sherry and has been booked to some of Sweden’s most legendary rave clubs.

Her main influences are old school music creators and pioneers Tangerine Dream as well as early 00’s millennium shift/Golden Era classic Trance. Her focus is classic Trance with an uplifting and progressive vibe and clean melodies.

House to Trance DJ

Zoë Song first discovered house music in the late 90’s, after the eurodisco and most intense boy band era. Amongst Gucci bags, Louis Vuitton wallets and luxury partying, she found herself restless and searching for something else – a truth. Fighting high expectations, she quit her university studies and moved to London in 2007.

In dirty apartments, in the small coffee shops and on the streets of East London she found her identity in the electronic world of music, the uplifting melodies and the culture. The real trance and the aggressive mish mash of music genres amongst the underground and the unrestrained partying and occurrence of drugs – it all became a turning point. Back in Stockholm, Zoë started producing her own house music to uplift and inspire others – without the use of drugs.

In 2011 Zoë bought her first decks and started playing in small local pubs. In 2013 she competed in the Swedish national DJ competition The Female DJ Challenge, which was also her first public gig. In 2014 she was one of 5 Swedish finalists in Burn Residency, and in 2015 she was a Top 10 Finalist in Awaken Ibiza DJ Competition.

In 2014, only 1 year after she first started producing, Zoë had her first release on Hocus Pocus recordings, co-owned and managed by Stanny Abram. In 2015 she got signed to the legendary record label Bonzai Progressive (sub label Progrez) with the EP ”Be Quiet”. In 2015 she was also accepted as a Resident DJ and radio host at Afterhours.FM, the world’s biggest Trance online radio.

Her latest release, Sky Sailor (Original Mix), was signed to Dirt, Lies & Audio Recordings, whose releases have been supported by by Armada, Paul Oakenfold, Markus Schulz, Dave Pierce, Arnej, Sean Tyas, Suzy Solar and many more.