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Zoë Song presents (Trance): Beyond Borders @ Ah.Fm (3rd Sat of each month)

Morning party people!

It's Tuesday. I went up early and went to the local bath house with my boyfriend and took a swim. It was quite nice! I feel very relaxed! I've felt a strange ear pain the last few days, probably due to too much exposure to music and noisy sounds, so I'm…

Mix portfolio widget up and running

Decided to showcase some of my mixes on the front page of my website, for anyone who would like to know what kind of music I play. Main genres: Tech & Progressive House, Techno and Trance. I do both private parties, corporate events, club gigs, radio shows and hotel/bar/lounge/beach gigs. Got…

Monday morning…

My cats kept me up all night - too sleepy today! Darn kittens. My mission this week will be to put together a press pack for the website, connect the site to Google Analytics and start blogging regularly.